Alka International has a vast range of products. Below are our main lines.

Earthing & Earthing Materials

3/8 & 5/8 Earth Rods, Earth Clamps (EC14, EC15, EC16) Machine Clamps. Cast Clamps, Earth Blocks and more.


Wiring Accessories 

Copper Crimping Lugs, Butt Splices, Porcelain Connectors, Lock Nuts (Brass, Stainless Steel & Galvanised) Lock Rings, and more.



Cable Glands 

Gland Manufacturer; Brass Manufacturer

Brass SWA Cable Glands (BW, CW, A1A2, CXT,E1W), Aluminium Cable Glands, Nylon Glands (Red, Blue, Black & Grey)




Conduit Accessories

Electrical Wholesaler; Electrical Distributor: Manufacturer

Conduit Junctions Boxes (Malleable, Stainless Steel & Rigid Plastic), Looping Boxes, Flexible Conduit, Couplers, Galvanised Bands (Red, White, Black), Stainless Steel Cable Ties, Saddles (Plain, Bar & Distance), Extension Rings, Elbows, Bends and more.


Low Voltage Distribution 

Amendment 3 Consumer Units, MCBs, RCBs, RCBOs, Single Pole Connector Block, Double Pole Connector Pole, House Service Cut Outs.